Hi, I'm Robert, The founder and dreamer behind the Sugar Flower Studio Academy.

Robert Haynes Director Sugar Flower Academy

I suppose when looking back on my school days, my career was already deeply ingrained in my DNA.

Mathematics class was the perfect place to practice miniature Blu-Tack roses, creating petals beautifully textured by my thumbprint. 

I often wonder if they are still stuck underneath my school desk!


I grew up on a farm in Lancashire learning to cook & bake from my mother. I also spent 5 years of my childhood living between Sao Paulo and the deepest forests of the amazon jungle (Brazil)

(The source of my deep-rooted love for incredible butterflies and everything green)

I trained as a Chef in the North of England and when I moved down to London in the late 90’s I specialised in hospitality and fine dining. Over time I developed a keen eye for food presentation, layout, and design.

In order to share my passion and desire to create sugar flowers and to teach others the skills, I established the Sugar Flower Studio in London, UK in 2006, I regularly travel the world teaching Masterclasses, 1-2-1’s and demonstrating the art of sugar flowers.

I am extremely proud to be working alongside some of the world's elite manufacturer's. Together we have  developed and designing a stunning range of products which are sold under my Sugar Flower Studio brand.

My unwavering passion and meticulous nature have flourished through practice and repetition.

As a self-taught sugar artist, I acknowledge the work of many other tutors worldwide, through their sugar craft books, articles, and journals.

I have cultivated my knowledge by focusing my attentions on the detailed anatomy of flowers and foliage. 

Due to our world plunging into an awful virus pandemic in 2020, it was inevitable that online classes were the only safe way of reaching the global demand for classes.


Sugar paste flower Orange Blossom in Vase

I pride myself in explaining in detail the how, why and because in each procedure I teach. 

My masterclasses are designed for all levels of experience, this is the beauty of pre-recorded, high quality, step by step mini video stages. Even if you are a total novice, I will gently walk you through my tried and tested unique methods learning how to make the ultimate in botanically correct realistic sugar flowers.  

Students view the downloadable masterclass in the comfort of their own home, the classes are yours to keep for life… pause and rewind till your hearts are content, the ultimate in practical easy learning. 


"I literally burst with pride knowing I had a hand in teaching dedicated, passionate students, to reach their goal of recreating nature's beauty in sugar"

Reasons why i am the right teacher for you


Hands adding edible dust to a rose
  • I pride himself on giving my all, as I really do care. I Love to see the natural progression in my students work. A phrase close to my heart – “Sharing knowledge nourishes the soul…” one of the main reasons why I became a teacher.

  • My online masterclasses are tailor made for all skill levels of crafter, from the complete beginner hobbyist to top-level competition - best in show standard, there is something for everyone.

  • I also include alternative tuition methods featured in my masterclasses, which are more suited to the business minded commercial crafter.

  • I use memorable phrases throughout my teaching process, students often find themselves repeating these at home. We are prone to remembering stages and procedures better if they were originally taught in a fun environment.

Black and white rose with water droplet detail


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