Zara Khalaj

From my very first course I attended with Robert in 2016, I found that not only I learned many new techniques, but I was transported into his magical world of creating botanically correct stunning sugar flowers. 

Robert has created a new style in this field, his passion is infectious.  

Robert has spent a lot of time and effort in developing his craft, coming up with methods that have revolutionised the flower making scene, making him “one of the best sugar artists in the world”.


Arati Mirji

Robert’s work is truly mesmerizing and realistic, and it is hard to believe that his sugar flowers are not real.

Robert is a perfectionist with an eye for the smallest of details, a true lover for this edible art form.

I had the opportunity to learn from him when he came to India a few years ago.

There were so many invaluable aspects of flower making I learnt from his workshop.

His silicone veiners are amongst my most prized possessions, I use them quite often for my workshops and demos.


Lou Wood

Robert has been a special friend to me for many years.  We first met when I visited him in London for a private Avalanche Rose class. 

I spent a thoroughly consuming couple of days learning a wealth of new skills and gained a whole new understanding of how to work with flower paste and dusting colours.

Robert’s knowledge of botany, which underpins everything he does with sugar flowers; is vast and he loves to share it all!

Robert has visited me to teach classes in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK on a regular basis.


Sue Wainwright

My sugar flower journey began approximately seven years ago with a fascination of botanical sugar flowers. To develop my skills, I began competition work and have since achieved multiple gold awards at international level.

I discovered the exquisite work of Robert Haynes and had no hesitation in taking up the opportunity to attend several of Robert's classes.

Robert's passion for his craft, enthusiasm, attention to detail and quality of workmanship is infectious.

Robert is a natural teacher and always encourages and supports students whilst being incredibly generous in sharing his extensive knowledge and skills regardless of the student’s skill set.


Christine Craig

I have had the pleasure of knowing Roberts for eight years. He has throughout that time been so extremely supportive, encouraging and kind. Always so helpful and generous.

I love his premium flower paste! it's so easy to work with and gives brilliant results.

This sugar floral arrangement was made with Roberts Sugar Flower Studio premium flower paste.

Robert’s silicone veiners are amazing and in my opinion the best.